Palos is a boutique investment management firm.


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Palos Investment Management Inc. was founded in 2001. Since 2017, Palos Wealth Management Inc. has been registered as a portfolio manager with Canadian provincial regulators and the AMF in Quebec.

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Our Team

Palos works because of who we are

Our Team

Each member of the Palos team contributes to our unique perspective, philosophy and investment style. It strengthens our team.

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Our Funds

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Our Funds

Investors who own units of Palos funds enjoy among the lowest fees in the industry. You will also benefit from Palos’ disciplined, research-driven approach to security selection.

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Why choose Palos Funds?

Actively Managed

Our management style is active. We strategically overweight or underweight investment themes, companies, and sectors. We believe that active management gives us an edge.

Independent Thought

It's sometimes tough to distinguish between what’s good for the client and what’s good for the adviser. We take pride in being unbiased and independent.

Diverse Strategies

We offer custom designed portfolios that address specific investment needs whether it be growth, income, or capital preservation.

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