Issue 12 – Where Real Estate Meets Technology

Altus Group Ltd (TSX: AIF) is a leading provider of independent advisory, software and data solutions to the global commercial real estate (CRE) industry. The CRE industry is quickly changing as it becomes more institutionalized. Institutions continue to allocate more of their portfolios to real estate. As investors become more sophisticated and act on the global stage, data and analytics become more important. AIF is the leader in big data analytics solutions that help their clients maximize the value of their real estate portfolios. AIF also provide consulting and advisory services. Palos believes that AIF services and technology will continue to be in high demand, as real estate continues to become a larger percentage of institutions asset class allocations. AIF􀂶s flagship ARGUS enterprise software can do it all: valuation, cash flow analysis, budgeting, planning and risk analysis. The SaaS model employed by the company ensures ongoing revenue on a subscription basis.

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