Issue 43 – ESG and Responsible Investing – Part 3: Social issues – The “S” in ESG

As ESG investing gains momentum, investors are asking, “what responsibilities should a company bear with regards to the well-being of employees, the communities they operate in, and the societies they impact?” In 2020 alone, the outcry to address racial injustices and inequality are driving the demand for action. While governments and political agendas are at the forefront, corporations also face growing scrutiny and pressures to back social change. Those that choose affirmative action are certain to be viewed favorably versus those who do not. Mandating positive action and implementing deliberate initiatives into a corporation’s culture carries greater importance than ever.


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By Charles Marleau CIM® and William Mitchell CIM®

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By Charles Marleau CIM® and William Mitchell CIM®


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By William Mitchell

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